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by Arnold Pizer -
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Hi Lars et all,

I think all the bugs associated with the new defaultHeader set up have now been squashed.  An svn update is required.

In addition there are three new header files:


which are in the modelCourse templates directory (in courses.dist).  They will give simple headers without errors.  They also have instructions for simple edits (e.g. uncommenting a line will provide section names for courses with sections or uncommenting a line and an easy edit will add a course URL).  

The list of available header files in the drop down list in the Hmwk Sets Editor is now alphabetized, so these three files appear at the top right below "Use default header".  Since they are in the templates directory (assuming they are placed in the templates directory of the active modelCourse and the new course is based on the modelCourse as is the standard practice), the instructor has permission to edit them.  

The default header files (defined in global.conf) are still set to the "standard" file that needs editing.  However, commented out lines there set these to
ASimpleHardCopyHeaderFile.pg and ASimpleHardCopyHeaderFile.pg so it is easy to switch.  Actually I'll set up the upcoming live DVD distribution to do this.