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email all instructors, list all active students

Re: email all instructors, list all active students

by Hal Sadofsky -
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Dear Arnie,

Thanks for the information. Realizing that I need to look in the key tables was the critical thing.

I've got various little scripts (clumsily written as I'm accomplished neither in shell scripting nor in perl) that I've written for various local administrative tasks. These include the two I mentioned here:

-list of active users, by course
-list of instructors

and also things like

-script that converts an XML file from our registrar giving a class's registration list into an appropriate .lst file for uploading

-script that takes an excel spreadsheet with all people registered for all math classes, makes a bunch of .lst files, and scp's them into the appropriate templates directories.

and some other miscellaneous things.

Some of these (like the last two) rely on how data comes to us from our registrar's office, so are not possible to make portable, but I suppose they could still be useful to someone (especially someone like me who isn't a shell or perl programmer). Others (like the first two) possibly work unaltered as long as WEBWORK_ROOT is /opt/webwork/webwork2, but can be easily edited.

So if anyone wants to use or work from any of these, feel free to email me.

Mark points out that it might be worth putting together a repository of (potentially) useful scripts for administrative purposes somewhere?