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Workshop Guanajuato: Using WeBWork as teachers and authoring problems

Workshop Guanajuato: Using WeBWork as teachers and authoring problems

by Nelly Selem -
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I'm Nelly. I work in UPIIG IPN in Guanajuato México. At the end of January 2011 my mates of the Institute's math academy and I organized a 30 hours workshop. ( I think next time we can do it in less hours). The main goals of this work shop was to improve our abilities using webwork as teachers, and to learn how to author and modify problems.

Before the workshop, I created a course with some little homeworks with the most common objects, techniques and libraries for example math objects, sequential problems, etc. We start with a little talk about what is WebWork and who has develop it.

Once at the workshop, the first day we practiced how to use lists, tests, import/export homeworks, and how to use the library browser and the file manager.

Second, in the next days we learn to modify/create WeBWork problems. We start modifying the text of the problems. That is useful for us because we prefer to do our tests in spanish, so we need to translate the problems. We explored the WeBWork wiki to localize the subject templates and techniques and also we used our homeworks, choosing an object, and a technique, and then using them in creating a problem.

Finally, we practice a little html with the idea that make our on line homeworks looks better, we create our own simple library, and explore the hints, the solutions and the panic button.


We have decided to test our problems one term before to uploaded to the npl, we have uploaded nos some spanish problems to the NPL, and we have some more in a test phase. If it is posible we would like to also contribute with some problems in english.

I would like to specially thank to Lenin Echavarria, my mate who always solve what I can not.