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Automatic Course Generation and Classlist placement

Re: Automatic Course Generation and Classlist placement

by Jason Aubrey -
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Hi Mark,

Hal Sadofsky and Gavin LaRose have contributed some scripts they use for administering their servers. They are on the wiki at


Also, in webwork2/bin are scripts called addcourse and newpassword.

If all of the students in a large math course are in the same webwork course but have different section numbers it would be pretty easy to write a script that changes a student's section number.

Then you could fancy it up from there to do many students, transfers between courses, etc.

The API is essentially defined by the $db methods in DB.pm.

(Ooh - if you wanted to be really fancy, maybe you could write a client to do all of these things using the SOAP web-service, and then it could be done without command line access to the server.)