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Changing tab order of answer blanks

Re: Changing tab order of answer blanks

by Michael Gage -
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Hi Brian,

Saw this and your comments on IRC once I got back to my computer.  I think that using named answers and a javaScript (which you can insert using  HEADER_TXT() ) would be one way to set the tab order.

For other's reference here is the url which you found:

we could also modify ANS_RULE and associated macros so that it 
accepted an optional hash or hash reference 
which would allow us to add arbitrary tags
to any ANS_RULE (use the key/value pairs in the hash to 
place key/value pairs in the HTML mark up). I haven't tested this
but I think it would allow you to add tabIndex=>"3" type attribute tags.

It wouldn't get in the way of existing usage.  This would solve your current problem, do you think it would be a good idea in general?

-- Mike