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Code Reviews, starting today 3pm EST

Code Reviews, starting today 3pm EST

by Jason Aubrey -
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Hi All,

We're starting a new web-conference series aimed at people interested in webwork development. These "code-reviews" will take place every roughly every couple of weeks, starting today.

So, today at 3pm EST we'll have our first code-review web-conference on the pg code to support inclusion of applets in webwork problems.

You can join in by going to this link:


We recommend you have a headset, or at least some earphones, otherwise sound from the web-conference will feed back into your microphone and cause an echo. (If you've ever tried to walk through a house of mirrors -- and who hasn't? -- that's what it's like trying to talk over hearing yourself echo.)

So, come one, come all. No experience necessary. We're just going to read through the code and (re)figure out how it works and how it could be improved.