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mod (%) irregularities ?

Re: mod (%) irregularities ?

by Alex Jordan -
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If you load contextFraction.pl, then there is a Fraction Context with a Math Object Fraction that automatically reduces fractions (this is a flag that can be toggled.)

$fraction = Fraction($numer,$denom);

I find it useful to then return to the Numeric Context

$fraction = Compute("$fraction");

Or students might get error messages implying they should be entering a fraction, even when $fraction is actually a whole number.

Read more about the flags for Context("Fraction") here.

If you have a Fraction Math Object and wish to extract the reduced numerator or denominator, first create an array from $f:

@g = $f->value;

And then $g[0] is the numerator and $g[1] is the denominator. These are perl integers, not Math Objects, so you might want to set something like

$num = Compute($g[0]);

$den= Compute($g[1]);