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Desired set-level and problem level options

Desired set-level and problem level options

by Danny Glin -
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This is inspired in part by the discussion of re-randomizing questions happening here.

There are several features available in PG that I think would be much more convenient to be able to control from the WeBWorK web interface (i.e. the Homework Sets Editor(s)).  The idea being that I want the same PG question file to behave differently in different scenarios.

One example of this is that I may wish to allow students to re-randomize a problem in a homework set used for practice, but in a more formal assessment I may want to use the same question without the ability to re-randomize.  Currently this involves maintaining two different PG files, where the mathematical content is identical, but the code around it differs.  This leads to complications in managing question banks.

Another good example of such options is the hint-level (i.e. after how many attempts a hint is shown).  To change the appearance of a hint, I again would need to edit the PG code.

I'd like to start a discussion of exactly which aspects of a WeBWorK question it makes sense to manage within the PG file, and which are more logically managed from the web interface.  I realize that it will be difficult to implement some of these changes, and I can't say that this is something that I will be doing, but I would like to at least have a "wish list" started.

I have created a page on the wiki describing the list of options that I would like to see available within the homework sets editor:

Please feel free to update this list, or include your thoughts on these or any additional options that make sense.