WebWork would not start on reboot.

Re: WebWork would not start on reboot.

by Daryl Tingley -
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A follow up, for information. 

The machine I use (like Danny's) runs RedHat.  It is managed by the technology people on campus. But I have root access.

Most of the perl modules needed by webwork  were installed (by me) with yum. A few with cpan. Root's  .cpan directory shows File::Path was built last summer, when I updated webwork. I recall installing a few modules at that time. I recall a bit of frustration, perhaps that was with File::Path, not sure. 

On Oct 30 an update of perl was done with yum (likely automatically). I guess File::Path reverted back to the redhat version at that time. When the machine was rebooted a few days later the webserver would not restart because of the wrong version of File::Path. 

I have now installed File::Path into site_perl. I dont think that will get overwritten by future updates.

Thanks form the help, Daryl