Integration of Moodle & WeBWorK: Installation

Re: Integration of Moodle & WeBWorK: Installation

by Josue Oregel -
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To address the problem:
PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined method MoodleQuickForm::setHelpButton() in /var/www/moodle/mod/wwassignment/mod_form.php on line 56, I had modified it commenting (//) two lines where the $mform->setHelpButton appears, i.e., the lines 56 and 61.

I'm not sure what happens with the HelpButton parameters, but I think that a misconfiguration is provoking an information lack.

After that changes in the mod_form.php, the wwassignment were functional in my server, apparently without evident problems.

My software:
- WebWork 2.7 at Ubuntu Server 12.04LTS (virtual machine from page).
- Joomla 3.2 at CentOS 6.5
- wwassignment5