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by John Travis -
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This summer, the MAA along with the WeBWorK team is putting on two PREP workshops that might be of interest to people who are new to WeBWorK.  Items such as how to complete the task mentioned above will certainly be covered.

The first is an online-only course "Authoring Effective Homework Problems with WeBWorK" held on Mondays in June and deals with problem authoring starting with the very basics and moving to more advanced techniques.   Information on this workshop is available at http://www.maa.org/prep/2013/homework_ww.html .

The second is the course "Building Model Courses for Online Homework with WeBWorK" which focuses more on how to set up a coherent collection of problems sets for a course.  This workshop involves a couple of online meetings and culminates with a 3.5 day intensive component at the MAA headquarters in DC.  Information on this workshop is available at http://www.maa.org/prep/2013/courses_ww.html .

Registration for any of the MAA PREP workshops is available using the link following the workshop list at http://www.maa.org/prep/2013/ .