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Summer of 2013: WeBWorK code camps

Summer of 2013: WeBWorK code camps

by Michael Gage -
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You are invited to Summer 2013 WeBWorK development meetings

As an open-source project, WeBWorK continues to improve due to the efforts of its numerous contributors.  This summer, two code camps are being planned to assist in that effort.  Some details on each are listed below.

If you would like to participate in one or more of these, please contact the listed organizer or post a reply here.  The WeBWorK grant will cover travel and housing costs and perhaps meals.  Do not feel that you have to be a "WeBWorK expert" since there are avenues for plugging in at all levels.

Feel free to post questions or suggestions  well.


WeBWorK::Ann Arbor - June 1-3
Host:  Gavin LaRose
Some suggested projects:




Model courses

Answer evaluation

Database structure

Mastery learning set type

HTML5 applets

Macros Something you are interested in working on!

WeBWorK::Vancouver - June 27-30
Host: Djun Kim
Some suggested projects:

Finish the instructor UI -- make it functional and ready for final graphic design

Finalize restful API for the database calls.

Database re-designSomething you are interested in working on!