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by Hedley Pinsent -
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"this" would refer to completing the link to find the macros.
If more than this is involved - I stand down.


of which there would many Library@ links, one for each course installed.

- could (?) be replaced by

where there is only one Library@ for the installation [in the "parent" directory "courses"]

One is intuitively simpler than many.

I do sit back and wonder how it all could be working.

The Library@ scares me in another way. When you "Archive this Course" the Library@ link is included in the archive (see attachment). The archive could very easily have come from a machine where Library@ points to a subdirectory in the NPL library and is being installed on a machine using the OPL library. How is this handled??

I don't understand how all of this works; I am only trying to point out concerns before they become torments. Only recently a problem was posted to the forum that I had noticed much prior and had just "assumed it was me and mine".

Cheers - hp
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