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Cannot access Student Progress

Re: Cannot access Student Progress

by Rodrique Heron -
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Thank's ! you flicked on my light switch. Now I know what might have happened, Apache logs grew and filled up all 32gigs of available diskspace, causing the server to crash twice. Now, I set my logs to rotate when they are 100MB and only keep 7.

I ran mysqlcheck, look at the output:

error : got error: 127 when reading datafile at record: 621
error : Corrupt

warning : Table is marked as crashed
warning : 1 client is using or hasn't closed the table properly
error : Size of datafile is: 114568 Should be: 114716
error : Corrupt

Running "mysqlcheck --auto-repair --verbose --databases webwork" to repair all tables.

I will now ask all instructors to report the status of their sections.