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Enabling scoring for lower permissionLevels

Enabling scoring for lower permissionLevels

by Patti Lamm -
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We have a category of user called 'instructor' defined by the following in the course.conf file:
$userRoles{'instructor'} = '7';

$permissionLevels{'modify_problem_sets'} = 'instructor';

$permissionLevels{'assign_problem_sets'} = 'instructor';

$permissionLevels{'modify_scoring_files'} = 'instructor';
The last instruction is not doing what I expected, i.e., allowing an instructor to use the scoring tools. For an instructor there is no 'Scoring Tools' on the left-hand menu bar and, when in 'Instructor Tools', attempting to use the 'Score selected sets' button leads to an error message:
You are not allowed to score sets.
We have just upgraded to ver 2.7. I seem to recall that instructors were able to score sets even without the last line above in our course.conf file, but I could be wrong about that.