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Student confusion with "Preview Answers"

Re: Student confusion with "Preview Answers"

by Dick Lane -
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I revised line 537 of
to use
        maketext("preview MY answer(s)")
instead of
        maketext("Preview Answers")

and then put that change into effect with
        sudo  apache2ctl  graceful

Note that the suggestion about using a localization file probably requires knowledge of the name for the relevant string.  I think that detail is in the cited line of the file I mentioned above.

A future discussion might
  0)  identify other files which affect this Preview button
  1)  find other items which benefit from similar rewording
  2)  consider whether this type of change should be part of a
    a)  style-localization
    b)  list of possibly-useful changes for a site's customization
    c)  explicit revision of base code