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Invitation to August code camp; Portland, OR, 8/3--8/7

Invitation to August code camp; Portland, OR, 8/3--8/7

by Alex Jordan -
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Hello members of the WeBWorK community!

You are invited to participate in a WeBWorK code camp in August (8/3--8/7) in Portland, Oregon. This code camp immediately precedes the MAA's MathFest, and you may find it convenient to participate in both. At a WeBWorK code camp, WeBWorK developers and future developers gather together for several days to improve and enhance WeBWorK. There is a certain critical mass of talent and interest in the room that makes things happen faster than they might otherwise happen. There is also a sharing of ideas and knowledge that newer developers can learn a lot from.

This code camp's central theme will be addressing accessibility issues (in the ADA sense) with WeBWorK. Like most code camps, any projects or ideas that you have to work on are welcome!

There is no registration fee for this---it's not that kind of conference. There may be a few presentations, but most of the time is spent in a room where everyone has internet access on their laptop and they work alone or in small groups on some feature. The abundance of talent and experience in the room means you can usually learn how to tackle your particular issue by asking around.

Funding for travel and lodging is a question mark at this time, as the WeBWorK grant is coming to a close. If your institution can offer funding, please pursue it. Remember that MAA's MathFest immediately follows. If there is more information about WeBWorK grant funding, we'll post a follow-up message here.

So if you would like to attend (or would like to learn more), email me alex.jordan@pcc.edu, and I'll give you access to a document on Google Drive where you can get more details, sign yourself up, and add any topics you would like to look into to the list.