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by Danny Glin -
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You can avoid the need for symbolic links by quoting subdirectories in the config file.

I notice that in the code snippet that Kim posted, everything but the top entry (NPL directory) is commented out.  You would need to remove the # symbol at the beginning of a line for that entry to become active.

Here is the entry from my localOverrides.conf file, which is working in WW2.7:

$courseFiles{problibs}    = {
Library             => "NPL Directory",
  "Library/Rochester" => "Rochester",
"Library/Rogawski"  => "Rogawski 2e",
        "Library/UCalgary"  => "University of Calgary",
"Library/CollegeOfIdaho" => "College of Idaho",
        CAPA             => "CAPA",

Note that a couple of these are directories that are not part of the OPL, but have been copied into the OPL directory so that they can be indexed by topic.