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Adding users in WebWork

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by Rishi Dhar -
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Thanks a lot Danny for the reply.
What I want to achieve is to populate the webwork database with student details and courses that student has taken and I have these details coming as parameters from other application.
Eventually I want to authenticate the students from CAS.

So to achieve CAS authentication I divided the entire task into two parts

Part 1 - Enrolling the student to appropriate course.
Part 2 - Authenticate student from CAS (modification in scripts available on WebWork forum will be required for this.)

I found out the tables which have the entry for students and courses but I'm not really sure how reliable that is. Hence, wanted some help n that.

It would be great if you could share what exactly have you done to acheive it at your end through method 2 that you have mentioned.

This is kind of urgent hence, I'm trying to figure out a ready solution if available before going ahead and investing time in creating a new script altogether.