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Including javascript in problems

Re: Including javascript in problems

by Paul Pearson -
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Hi folks,

The GeoGebra example that John Travis pointed you to actually uses Java.  I have deprecated that example (because it uses Java, which is no longer universally supported / permitted to run in web browsers) and in the past week have posted a "GeoGebraWeb" example that uses JavaScript instead and should run on all web browsers and on other devices such as tablets that support JavaScript.  See  There are a number of GeoGebraWeb examples in the OPL directory 

I plan to discuss embedding JavaScript into WeBWorK problems in workshop 4 (or perhaps the end of workshop 3).  I have a few working examples of "GeoGebraWeb" (GeoGebra run by JavaScript) and an example using d3.js to display a histogram rendered in html (but not pdf).

Best regards,

Paul Pearson