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Testing "alttext"/Error Message when "testing" randomization

Re: Testing "alttext"/strings in popup/using OPL

by Paul Pearson -
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Hi Regina,

Searching the internet for "chrome Image Alt Text Viewer" you can easily find an extension for the Google Chrome browser that will display the Alt Text in place of an image.  Also, Alex Jordan at Portland Community College would be a good person to ask about this since he has done many things to make webwork more accessible.  You should consider asking this question on the webwork problems forum:

Generally, it's best to ask one question per discussion thread so that the discussions are more concise and on point.

You can view OPL problems directly using the "NPL Directory" button in the Library Browser and then choosing a directory such as LoyolaChicago/Precalc/...

If you do not have a button that says "NPL Directory" or "OPL Directory", add the line 

$courseFiles{problibs}{Library} = "OPL Directory";

to the course.conf file.

I would recommend searching the problem library by directory for precalc questions from Connally.  The directory structure such as "LoyolaChicago/Precalc/Chap3/Sec2" may refer to an older edition of the book, but should be relatively easy to follow otherwise.  With more than 25,000 problems in the OPL, keeping tags up to date with the latest and greatest version of a textbook is quite a large task, so advanced features like search by textbook can easily be out of date.  But, the directory structure and location of files is basically static in the OPL, so using the Library Browser to hunt for problems by OPL directory is good.

Best regards,

Paul Pearson