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Best Practices for saving and storing definition and .pg files

Re: Best Practices for saving and storing definition and .pg files

by Danny Glin -
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As Arnie said, archiving a course is something that an instructor can do, but restoring from one of these archives can only be done by the system administrator.

This type of course archive is a snapshot of the entire course.  It will include all of the homework sets, the students, and the students' progress.

As an instructor, the most efficient way to back up your pg files and assignments is probably the following.  Note that this procedure will not include any student data.
  1. If you want to include homework sets, make sure that they are exported via the Homework Sets Editor
  2. Go to the file manager, and highlight everything you want to back up/migrate (all pg files, def files and subdirectories).  You can highlight multiple files by holding down control in windows or command on a mac while you click.  Once everything you want is selected, click the "Make Archive" button.  This will create a [yourcoursename].tgz file, which you can download to your computer.
  3. This tgz file is an archive of all the files you selected.  In mac or linux, you can browse it natively.  On a pc you will need some sort of zip software (I think 7zip handles tar, gzipped files).  Alternatively, if you just want to move things to another WeBWorK course, you can upload the .tgz file to the new course, and the File Manager will automatically expand the archive and put things in the right place.
Hope this helps.