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by Alex Jordan -
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GeoGebra has evolved a lot since most existing GeoGebra-WeBWorK documentation was built. You can avoid Java altogether and use HTML5, if that will be OK for your students' browsers. So I believe there are now far simpler ways to bring GeoGebra into a WeBWorK problem. Here is an outline.
  1. Make the .ggb file in GeoGebra, or find something you like at GeoGebraTube.
  2. If you made one yourself, either upload it to GeoGebra, or export it as an interactive html5 webpage. When exporting, you can go into advanced options to specify that you want to export for HTML5 only.
  3. Have your PG problem either
    1. use the embed code from GeoGebraTube;
    2. or upload your interactive html5 webpage to the appropriate folder in your WeBWorK server/course. Copy the structure of GeoGebraTube embed code, but replace the src with the path to your html file.

You output this way in HTML mode. For hardcopy, you would create static image files as I think existing examples demonstrate, and apply that for TeX output mode.

Sorry for not offering details, but I haven't actually tried this yet in WeBWorK. I have however embedded HTML5 GeoGebra into other web pages these ways, and it is much more clean than the older Java applet.