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College of Idaho problems added to National Problem Library

Re: College of Idaho problems added to National Problem Library

by Robin Cruz -
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Three items: 


Lars and Richard,  I have updated the College of Idaho problems with (I hope) all the macros they need loaded, and I have fixed a few bugs.  If you update your copies of the problems from the CVS, would you let me know if you find more issues?


One of the macros I used for randomizing the problems with def files, unionInclude.pl, seems to be different from the version I used last year.  It has a date of May 31, 2006 on it in the macros/Union folder, but Davide modified it for me in 2007 so that it would scramble a subset of problems within a def file.  I have a copy of the 2007 version in my back-up files.  If I put that file in the College of Idaho macros in the National Library, will it be used in the Idaho problems or will the one in the Union macros directory be used?  Currently they have the same name.  Perhaps it doesn't matter -- I don't know if anyone will use the def files in the College of Idaho folder -- maybe I should just remove them?