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by Danny Glin -
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Here are instructions for changing the name in the database (with the usual warnings that making changes to the database can have catastrophic results if not done carefully.  I recommend looking up mysqldump for backing up databases before trying any direct database manipulation).

Log in to mysql:
> mysql -u root -p
(assuming you know the root mysql password.  If not, you can use the webworkWrite user configured in site.conf).

Change to the webwork database:
> use webwork;

Look up the current course title:
> select * from [coursename]_setting;
You should see three values, one of which is courseTitle.

Change the course title to something new:
> update [coursename]_setting set value='New Course Title' where name='courseTitle';

Check to see if the change was made:
> select * from [coursename]_setting;

It looks like this will be fixed in an upcoming version of WeBWorK, so you should only need this for the near future.