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Display macros for verbatim?

Display macros for verbatim?

by Peter Selinger -
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Hi, this is a newbie question. I saw the list of display macros here: http://webwork.maa.org/wiki/Display_Macros and I wonder if there are display macros for \verb?

I want to add the following comment to a problem:

Note: in WeBWorK, vectors are written as <1,2,3> and points are written as (1,2,3).

However, if I use &lt;1,2,3&gt;, then it doesn't compile to PDF correctly. If I use \(<1,2,3>\) or \(\langle 1,2,3 \rangle\), then it doesn't look right (I want to show what they have to type, not how it will look like as a math formula). I suppose I can write \(\verb!<1,2,3>!\), but this doesn't seem natural, since what I am typing isn't necessarily math at all. What I am looking for is something like $BVERB <1,2,3> $EVERB. Does it exist?

Thanks, -- Peter