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WeBWorK in open source textbooks webinar

WeBWorK in open source textbooks webinar

by Alex Jordan -
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Wednesday December 2 at 2:00 Pacific, Rob Beezer and I are giving a webinar over some WeBWorK related work we did over the summer/fall. You are cordially invited to join the session.

Rob Beezer is the architect of MathBook XML, a collection of XSL stylesheets for converting XML source for a textbook into synchronized HTML, PDF, and Jupyter Notebook outputs. (With EPUB and more on the way.)

Our project was to build a bridge of sorts between WeBWorK and MathBook XML (MBX). We want an open source textbook author to be able to write source files that simultaneously provide a print book (MBX), an eBook (MBX), online homework (WeBWorK), and ancillary materials like a test generator (WeBWorK), all integrated.

OpenOregon funded this work, with a supplemental grant from University of Puget Sound. Mike Gage, Geoff Goehle, and Davide Cervone also contributed to this project on the WeBWorK end.

Please consider joining the session (2:00 Pacific) at http://openoregon.org/events/event/enabling-successful-accessible-oer-in-mathematics-with-a-webwork-mathbook-xml-bridge/. At this link, there is another link to Join The Session. The webinar is using Blackboard Collaborate, and you may need to install something before you can enter.

If you are unable to attend, but are still interested, here are links to the demonstrations (which may eventually become dead links):