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What is the ETA on Webwork, Version 12?

Re: What is the ETA on Webwork, Version 12?

by Michael Gage -
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Goeff and I would like to get it out soon — probably in May or early June.  There are a couple of pull requests outstanding on the develop branch at https://github.com/openwebwork but they are not major, so if you want to start early you could start setting up the develop branch now and then use "git pull" to add in the final tweaks.

Since more development happens during the summer we might have a branch subsequent to release 2.12 in late August or September but it won't be quite as well tested.  We won't be doing Winter releases any more because not enoughhappens between August and December. 

A number of us have been using the develop branch successfully for the last semester. 

In general people looking to upgrade should keep the following things

in mind: 

-  The fall release will have the newest features, often developed over

the summer. 

-  The spring release will have slightly newer features, but will also

have a years worth of production testing to work out kinks.