Having a couple of Issues with New 2.12 Installation

Re: Having a couple of Issues with New 2.12 Installation

by Jim Fischer -
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Okay, I made progress. I have completed the WW installation and all seems good except for the email. I can send an email in WW with no errors, but the email(s) do not get processed in that I dont receive any emails.

Note that I redid the intall of Mail::Sender since I think I screwed this up the first time.

I checked the modules with and the suspect line is:

Mail::Sender is deprecated and you should look to Email::Sender instead at (eval 140) line 2.

I have used the following commands for installing Mail::Sender

$ sudo perl -MCPAN -e shell
I entered N when it asked if I wanted to manually change defaults. The first time I did this I entered "y"
and then the installer asked for information I did not know what to put so I just
kept hitting enter. Doh.

In site.conf I used

 $mail{smtpServer} = '';
 $mail{smtpSender} = '';

These are the same lines I am using on another server running webwork where the email system is working.
Im not sure what to put for smtpSender, I will check with my IT department contact.

So at this point I need some more direction on how to fix my email.