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Asking for 1 of infinitely many correct answers

Re: Asking for 1 of infinitely many correct answers

by Dick Lane -
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Thanks, Davide, for the helpful comments.
I have attached my current version for your second example.

a)  I opted for your third alternative --- it does not attempt to replace 12/-5 with -12/5 nor -12/-14 with 6/7.  I may revisit this after your revision to Fraction objects is in place.
    Having a student answer display as decimal poses no difficulty, especially since Preview will show a typeset version.

c)  I opted for your second version, primarily to avoid having to create a diagnostic error message for a student who misread 2y-3x as 2x-3y.

b) OOPS ---  my intent was to say that I am content with the current status: no comment about possible dissonance between an acceptable student response and "correct answer(s)" displayed by the ShowAnswer checkbox.

d)  I will post an Extended GCD function in a separate message.