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Release notes for WeBWorK 2.13

Release notes for WeBWorK 2.13

by Michael Gage -
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Release notes for WeBWorK 2.13 are now available on the wiki at

Version 2.13 has actually been ready for a while and was merged into the master branch

on July 25. It has taken a while to complete the release notes smile.

New features include the official support for R. (previously available in 2.12-r).
CodeMirror color coding adapted to PG for the PGProblemEditor. There are also additional notes for using the LTI connection with Canvas and Blackboard. This was available in 2.12 but is just beginning to be used widely and there has been a lot of discussion on the forum of best practices for setting the configuration values for different use cases.

We also switched the CPAN modules that support email in WeBWorK. Our current modules Mail::Sender have been deprecated for a while now so it was necessary to switch to Email::Sender. In most cases this change will be invisible to users and installers, but since every post office SMTP connection is different it will be necessary to allow time to check the email connections when installing 2.13 and tweak the configuration if necessary.

Under the hood there have been numerous bug fixes and we have added code which will eventually support using WeBWorK in languages whose alphabet extends beyond the latin characters used for English. We hope to have full utf8/unicode language support in version 2.14.

-- Mike