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Student Answers Vanishing

Re: Student Answers Vanishing

by Eric Stroyan -
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I don't know if your problem is related, but I had an issue with too many answer blanks in a problem that used answers in an array
Could you try to put the checker within the loop?
Something like
$table_row .= row($formula_disp, $cat[1], "+" .$cat_v_orig, $an[1], "-". $an_v_orig);
$table_row .= row($formula_disp, ans_rule(15), ans_rule(15), ans_rule(15), ans_rule(15));
push(@answers, $cat[1], "+" .$cat_v_orig, $an[1], "-". $an_v_orig);

I haven't tried that with your problem, If I get the chance I'll let you know if it works.