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Installing wwassingment

Installing wwassingment

by Albin Niva Printz -
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I tried to install wwassignment and wwlink with moodle 3.1.8. I began by following the instructions for wwassignment 5 on webwork.maa, but soon realized that there was a newer version available on github.

When I had set everything up I encountered the following error message when trying to configure the wwlink block:

Exception - SOAP Webservice Authentication Failed!

I did the Webwork administration set up in moodle and uncommented the stanzas in webwork.apache2.4-config (since we're running apache 2.4). Turning on moodle debug messages gives me the following error message

Default exception handler: Exception - SOAP Webservice Authentication Failed! Debug: \nError code: generalexceptionmessage\n* line 713 of /mod/wwassignment/locallib.php: SoapFault thrown\n* line 713 of /mod/wwassignment/locallib.php: call to SoapClient->__soapCall()\n* line 895 of /mod/wwassignment/locallib.php: call to wwassignment_client->handler()\n* line 21 of /blocks/wwlink/edit_form.php: call to wwassignment_client->options_course()\n* line 64 of /blocks/edit_form.php: call to block_wwlink_edit_form->specific_definition()\n* line 204 of /lib/formslib.php: call to block_edit_form->definition()\n* line 57 of /blocks/edit_form.php: call to moodleform->__construct()\n* line 1369 of /lib/blocklib.php: call to block_edit_form->__construct()\n* line 1165 of /lib/blocklib.php: call to block_manager->process_url_edit()\n* line 1486 of /lib/pagelib.php: call to block_manager->process_url_actions()\n* line 916 of /lib/pagelib.php: call to moodle_page->starting_output()\n* line 953 of /lib/outputrenderers.php: call to moodle_page->set_state()\n* line 244 of /course/view.php: call to core_renderer->header()\n

I'm not sure what the problem could be, and would be thankful for any help!

- Albin