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Problem with test_points

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by Steven McKay -
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"The problem is that the Context also includes the variable x in addition to n, and so $ans5 is really a function of two variables (though one is not used). So the test points need to include values for both n and x. That is because student answers can include x (even if the correct answer doesn't) and there needs to be values to be plugged in for those x's. So you either need to make the test points be arrays with two entries (the variables are listed in alphabetical order), or remove the x."

Thank you. I thought it might have been this, so I tried removing the x, but it didn't work. However, that was probably due to a bug in my code. It works fine now :-)

"Also, you do not need to add -infinity as a string, as the Infinity object already handles negative infinity. You will get better answer previews and better error messages if you leave it an Infinity rather than a String. "

Thanks! I tried to look this up in the documentation and couldn't find it. I guess I should have just tried it :-)

I'm learning something new each week!