Webwork 2.13 UTF-8

Re: Webwork 2.13 UTF-8

by Michael Gage -
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This is what I would expect in release 2.13 and likely this would happen in release 2.14 as well -- we have been slowly adding additional features for handling other characters but we don't pretend to have completed the transition.

If you use the current develop branch then I think your example will work, but even the develop branch won't yet handle all languages (e.g. Hebrew or Chinese) especially those that require 4 bytes to represent characters. That will require changing the settings on the mysql database to allow 4 byte character storage. We expect to have a plan for transitioning to that situation by the time we release develop as 2.15 -- assuming we don't run into road blocks.

Meantime those who badly needed additional characters can use develop (cautiously) -- it will mostly work.

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