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GeoGebra, WeBWorK, and Edfinity

GeoGebra, WeBWorK, and Edfinity

by Alex Jordan -
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WeBWorK problem authors,

Edfinity has developed and released javascript to assist with using GeoGebra in WeBWorK problems. You can:
  1. Simply use GeoGebra to embed an applet.
  2. Pass your WeBWorK PG variables to GeoGebra.
  3. Pass GeoGebra variables back to an answer blank in WeBWorK.
You can use this if you are writing problems in Edfinity, or in a standalone WeBWorK installation. The only difference is a line you'll need to add when you are not using Edfinity.

You can also use more than one GeoGebra applet per problem. The full GeoGebra API is available, allowing for any kind of use, including as a built-in graphing calculator.

It's free and available now at https://github.com/Edfinity/ww_ggb_applet/. There is a folder with example .pg files that should grow soon. Send any feedback to hello@edfinity.com or through GitHub at this repository.