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Decoupling pg from webwork2

Re: Decoupling pg from webwork2

by Michael Gage -
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It seems most likely that the file /webwork2/conf/default.config is not being found. While I intend to decouple this version of the editor from most of webwork2 it still requires a number of files that are contained in the webwork2 directory.

I have webwork2 downloaded from github and pg downloaded from github and standalone.... downloaded, all in separate directories. I have the webwork root directory used by standalone set to the webwork2 directory and I have local
.conf files made from conf/site.conf.dist and conf/localOverrides.conf.dist.
The .conf files are set up as if I was going to run a webwork site but I don't know if that is completely necessary.

The error message you are getting seems to indicate that the file
webwork2/conf/defaults.config can't be found. (the error message is misleading -- there used to be a global configuration file but it was split up into site.conf,
defaults.config and localOverrides.conf) .

I'd still suggest that you try sendXMLRPC.pl code for now -- you can send the files to be rendered to the site demo.webwork.rochester.edu so you don't have to set up your own site. (see the credentials file for sendXMLRPC.pl -- by default it goes to a local site but there is a commented out configuration for the demo site)

I'll get back to isolating the dependencies in the standalonePGproblemeditor eventually but it won't be that soon. In any case the sendXMLPC.pl is faster at the moment because it is bouncing its requests off a running server while standalone has to get the entire code for PG read before it can respond.

Let us know your progress.

-- Mike