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LTI authentication Issue with Blackboard

Re: LTI authentication Issue with Blackboard

by Bianca Sosnovski -
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Hi everyone,

I just want to report I was able to finish testing the WeBWorK-Blackboard integration for my department. As mentioned above, after changing the security level for the LTI connection for WeBWork in Blackboard, everything worked as expected:
  • Automatic creation of WeBWorK student accounts from Blackboard (Successful);
  • Single login via Blackboard (Successful);
  • Automatic grade passback from WeBWorK to Blackboard (Successful);
  • Assignments are assigned to users once visible (Successful).
I also customized the code in Authen_LTI.conf to include section and recitation in the WeBWorK profile of the users based on the information received from Blackboard.

My department is now just awaiting for final approval from the university to have it implemented in the production Blackboard. Looking forward to benefit from the integration.