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Enabling password authentication after LTI account creation

Re: Enabling password authentication after LTI account creation

by Nathan Wallach -
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Correction/clarification: The system only blocks access to an assignment when
  1. $LTIGradeMode is set to "homework", and
  2. $set->lis_source_did is "false" (was not set yet based on a successful access of the assignment by the user via LTI)
in which case $LTIRestricted is set to true:
  • lib/WeBWorK/ContentGenerator/ProblemSets.pm line 386 (the case of interest)
  • lib/WeBWorK/ContentGenerator/ProblemSet.pm line 184
When $LTIRestricted is true then the message
You must log into this set via your Learning Management System (e.g. Blackboard, Moodle, etc...).
is displayed and $setIsOpen is set to 0, except for users who have "view_unopened_sets" permission.

Once a student has once used the LTI link to the specific assignment, the direct login will also allow access to the assignment.

Since all my testing of this feature was with accounts which intentionally had not used the LTI link to the assignment, I did realize that once the first LTI access was successful, a direct login would allow access.

Anyway - for the sake of long term reference, anyone who needs a temporary solution to allow direct login access to WW and who was using "homework" grade pass-back would apparently need to:
  1. temporary disable the grade-pass-back to avoid students who did not access some assignment from being logged out, and
  2. enable mass LTI grade updates after the return to LMS use, and
  3. remind students to use the LTI homework links for any assignments whose scores did not transfer, once the course returned to LTI access (to set their $set->lis_source_did for the assignment).
Otherwise, some assignment grades would remain only in WW and not be sent to the LMS.