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by Nathan Wallach -
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Tim - Thanks for sharing this feedback. Supposing work was done on adding features to address these issues, would the "Accessibility team" be able to provide feedback on changes made to test sites?

About the page footer info:
  • 3.) The signature footer at the bottom of each Webwork page: ‚ÄúPage generated at 12/21/2019..." needs to have its font size increased or be placed against a background with greater contrast.
  • 3. We specifically chose the font-size and light gray color of the footer so that (a) it would not get in the way and (b) it was convenient for an instructor or anyone reporting bugs to tell what version of webwork they were using. I'm not sure of the best way to resolve this one -- we could remove it entirely, but it has proved quite useful for instructors and administrators in dealing with bugs. On the other hand students should be able to ignore it 99% of the time and I think it might be ok if screen readers ignored it as well.
If this is really only for instructors and administrators maybe it could be hidden away inside an HTML comment and not displayed to the students. Alternately, provide a visible button to show "internal server data for debugging purposes" and then make it visible as an alert box / popup window / knowl which would not be visible by default.