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Building a thriving WeBWorK community at CUNY

Building a thriving WeBWorK community at CUNY

by Michael Gage -
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Marianna Bonanome (MBonanome@citytech.cuny.edu) and K. Andrew Parker (KParker@citytech.cuny.edu) at CityTech (NYC college of technology) in New York City have been busy organizing a community of WeBWorK users in the NYC area among the CUNY campuses.

Invite people to send me short blog posts about local WW activities -- either results or announcements about future activities. I'll post them here. Let's build a better sense of what the rest of the WeBWorK community is doing.

Building a thriving WeBWorK community at CUNY
---- Marianna Bonanome

In 2012, driven by the desire to provide zero cost alternatives to expensive texts and proprietary homework platforms, City Tech math department faculty began authoring open source textbooks and using WeBWorK to provide online homework for its students. At the time, WeBWorK problems were created by primarily relying on content shared by other WeBWorK-using institutions via the Open Problem Library (OPL). While less than ideal in some ways, this level of WeBWorK adoption represents a minimum amount of required investment - and it is essentially how all WeBWorK-using institutions get their start. Several CUNY campuses are still at this stage - where they have curated their curricula from the contributions of other institutions.

I've attached the rest as a PDF since it has pictures -- MIke