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WeBWorK Leaderboards - from experiment to feature

WeBWorK Leaderboards - from experiment to feature

by Michael Gage -
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This is another report from Marianna Bonanome and K. Andrew Parker at City Tech (NYC College of Technology). This report describes a leader board for the leveling and achievement features added to WeBWorK by Goeff Goehle.

The most reliable workflow for adding the leaderboards to an existing WeBWorK side is yet to be worked out, and perhaps simplified, so this is a chance for interested parties to get involved in development and/or in research as to the effectiveness of leaderboards and gamification in teaching mathematics.

There is quite a lot of WeBWorK activity that is occurring among small groups of WeBWorK users and developers.

Please send me reports of your activities and I will post them here so that more of the larger community will be aware of all of the things that are happening.