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Grader feedback to Essay problems causes Webwork Error page

Re: Grader feedback to Essay problems causes Webwork Error page

by tim Payer -
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Thanks Nathan,

a.) I neglected to mention that we are using a subscription of Webwork from the MAA, which means these problems might be unique to version 2.13, which is all that is available for Subscription users.

b.) I have attached copy of an "LTI" file, which I should have described as a course.conf file that has LTI enabled connections. I kept the errant circumscribed C in the code block. I also Changed the Consumer secret out of an abundance of caution to $LTIBasicConsumerSecret = "changed"; but note that even this small change introduced more errant characters next to the circumscribed C at the top of the document.

c.) The exact editing and saving of the course.conf file that prompts the creation of these errant characters is all within the File Manager, here is what I just did to reproduce the glitch.

1.) I open the File manager in my Webwork course.
2.) I click on the up arrow at the top of the dialogue box to leave the templates directory and enter the course directory.
3.) I click on a version of a course.conf file called TimS109_course.conf to select it from within the course directory.
4.) I click on the edit button from the column of button options on the right.
5.) From within this text file of course.conf I change the old Consumer secret to that of "changed".
6.) I press the save button.
7.) I click the updated TimS109_course.conf in the course directory to select it.
8.) I click on the View button and witness the propagation of errant characters next to culprit of the circumscribed C at the top of the code block.

Best, Tim