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constituency_hash error

Re: constituency_hash error

by Dennis Keeler -
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Thanks for the advice. It's hard to say what was going wrong. My server got so messed up, I couldn't even SSH to it. I had to wait until I was back at work to reboot it. Now everything seems to work fine.

I didn't follow Gavin's advice exactly, but I did a CVS update from rel-2-3-dev before rebooting. That didn't touch Utils.pm, but maybe something else got fixed. Or maybe I just needed to reboot after upgrading. I didn't even restart Apache the first time around, though I should have thought of that.

Perhaps the upgrade instructions should mention that rel-2-3-dev is the preferred option (the new install instructions do; saw that tip later). If Apache needs to be restarted, that could be mentioned also. I was too anxious to look at the new problems, so I didn't think to do any restarts. Also, I don't use Apache enough to remember the command off the top of my head, but I saw it mentioned elsewhere.

Thanks again! -Dennis