Problems with WEBWORK after upgr to 2.4

Re: Problems with WEBWORK after upgr to 2.4

by Michael Gage -
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ok. The one other piece of standard advice (in addition to restarting
the server often while troubleshooting) is to keep an eye on the
apache server error log --it sometimes contains useful error messages which are not printed to the screen.

I think you need to go into the file at:


and try to check the the database user name is well defined.
(The line where the call is made to the database is in the
error message above.)

If you enter something like

warn "the database user name is ",$params->{username};

this message will be printed to the error log.

If the username is wrong here, we'll need to chase the error

One thing to double check is the contents of database.conf
in particular the section defining "problem_user"