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LaTeX not displaying in ColumnTable

LaTeX not displaying in ColumnTable

by Tim Flowers -
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I have some exercises where students fill in blanks in a piecewise function. They are modeled on the following library problem:


Here is the excerpt where the piecewise function is defined:

$fun =


  "\( \displaystyle C(m) = \left$LBRACE \begin{array}{cc}

 &\\ &\\ &\\ &\\ &\\ &\\ &\\ &\\ &\\ &\\


  ans_rule(20)."$SPACE $SPACE $SPACE $SPACE if $SPACE $SPACE".ans_rule(3)."$SPACE \(\leq \) $SPACE \(m\) $SPACE \(\leq\) $SPACE".ans_rule(3).$PAR.ans_rule(20)."$SPACE $SPACE $SPACE $SPACE if $SPACE $SPACE \(m\) $SPACE \(> \) $SPACE".ans_rule(3),

  indent => 0, separation => 10, valign => "MIDDLE"


The answer boxes are showing up formatted correctly. But the beginning LaTeX to give the function name and the curly brace are not formatting with MathJax. It displays the LaTeX syntax instead of the function. 

We are running version 2.15 right now, but I used these exercises originally when we were in 2.13. 

I'm wondering if there were changes to the way that ColumnTable is set up that has made this problem break?