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Arnold K. Pizer - Managing a WeBWorK course

Arnold K. Pizer - Managing a WeBWorK course

by Arnold Pizer -
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Detailed descriptions of managing a WeBWorK course.

This section contains tutorials for accomplishing the tasks associated with managing a WeBWorK class. We find that the "Day in the life..." narrative is particularly useful ourselves.
ww_bluesq:Tutorial on managing a WeBWorK course
A day in the life of a WeBWorK professor.
ww_bluesq:Constructing Problem Sets
How to construct a problem set
ww_bluesq:Sending e-mail
ww_bluesq:Grading problem sets
Grading the homework.
ww_bluesq:Command line scripts
What the command line scripts do and how to use them.
ww_bluesq:Creating courses at UofR
Step-by-step instructions on how to create a course

Reference documents for managing courses:

ww_bluesq:TeX headers
The structure of the headers used to define the format of the TeX (typeset) output.
ww_bluesq:Classlist format

ww_bluesq:Set definition file format



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