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Answer preview format string for MathObjects.

Re: Answer preview format string for MathObjects.

by Davide Cervone -
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No, there are no options to control this directly, but you can use a post-filter for the answer checker to adjust the values that are displayed.

For example:

$a = Compute(12.34)->with(
  correct_ans_latex_string => "\text{The number } 12.34",  # The "Correct Answer" column
  correct_ans => "The number 12.34",                       # The "Correct Answer" popup


ANS($a->cmp->withPostFilter(sub {
  my $ans = shift;
  if (!$ans->{error_message} && $ans->{preview_text_string}) {
    $ans->{student_ans} = "The number $ans->{student_ans}";                           # The "Entered" colomn
    $ans->{preview_latex_string} = "\text{The number }$ans->{preview_latex_string}";  # The "Answer Preview" column
    $ans->{preview_text_string} = "The number $ans->{preview_text_string}";           # "Answer Preview" Popup
  return $ans;
You can, of course, adjust the values to be whatever you want. The test for existence of error_message is so that if there is a syntax error, for example, you won't overwrite the syntax highlighting.