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WeBWorK3 development workshop

WeBWorK3 development workshop

by Danny Glin -
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Title: WW3 development workshop

When: Thursday June 16th starting at 12pm (noon) EDT.

Virtually via Zoom.

A number of WeBWorK developers have been busy over the past year working on WeBWorK3, a complete redesign of the user interface and database engine of your favorite open-source online homework system.  The approach is to build the new version from the ground up using modern web-development tools in order to overcome many of the limitations of the current software.

WeBWorK3 is still a long way from being ready to be used with students, but if you are interested in diving into seeing how it is being developed as well as some hands-on running of the development code, come check out this workshop.

Here’s what to expect:

  • An overview of webwork3 including: 

    • The database, db interaction level, API web server, UI interface and how they function together.

    • Languages used in WeBWorK3 (perl, javascript/typescript, html, CSS/SCSS)

    • Frameworks used in WeBWorK3 (mojolicious, DBIx::Class, vue, quasar)

  • Installing the development tools needed to run webwork3

  • Installing and running webwork3 in a development environment.

  • How to get involved in the project.

  • Next steps.

This will probably be at least two or three hours in length and be quite hands-on in getting everyone up and running. 

If in the past you haven’t wanted to dive into developing webwork because of needed to learn perl, all of the client-side (user interface) code uses javascript/typescript, vue and quasar, all are currently are among the standard ways of coding for the web. 

This is not going to be a how-to on using webwork3, because everything is in development.  We hope in the somewhat near future to have something to show to the general public.

If you are interested in attending this, please email pstaab@fitchburgstate.edu for the connection information.