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Michael Gage - Week2

Michael Gage - Week2

by Arnold Pizer -
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6/9/2000; 8:16:21 PM (reads: 1422, responses: 0)
This summer's WeBWorK team has already accomplished a lot during the first two weeks of this summer.

After speed learning Perl, undergraduate interns, Robert Van Dam, Tori Sweetser, and David Etlinger, assisted and supervised by Prof Eva Culakova from RIT have largely completed a collection of multivariable calculus problems. Once completed the problem set, designed by Prof. Joe Neisendorfer, will be used by MTH164 (Multivariable Calculus) classes at the U of R in the fall. The collection is still being tested and revised.

David has completed streamlining subroutines which make the answers "sticky" when using the typeset mode. "Sticky" answers stay in the answer boxes even after the problem has been submitted for processing. The code is now much cleaner, and several bugs (which occured infrequently and somewhat mysteriously) were eliminated in the process.

Tori and Robert have designed and implemented a new object which can be used to replace the and modules and adds new capabilities. In particular, using List, you can construct matching questions in which the number of questions and the number of answers are not the same. The module will be part of the standard release at the end of the summer, but can be made available nowto those WeBWorK users who are interested in (alpha? beta?) testing it. Contact
Posted by Michael Gage on 6/9/00; 8:21:49 PM
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